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/ Jump on the EEnE OC train ; v ; I have him for like a long time, but hesitate to post it, now here I am ~ 

Name: Ian Browns 
Height: 5’5 
Personalities: Caring, Patience, Perfectionist -ish, Quite, Clumsy, Troublemaker, Optimistic. 
Favorite Color: Navy Blue and Green
Hobbies: Running, Stealing, Planning 

His clothing was arrange by his mother, who is a fashion designer. The green handkerchief scarf is his prize possession because it the only thing that remind him of his father who died in an accident. Ian wore glasses even though he have a perfect vision because it make him feel like he is in disguise and not attract attention to himself. 


As a childhood, Ian was a troublemaker because he always stealing stuff from his neighborhood, especially people’s prize obsessions. The word “treasure” will trigger him to go steal it, no matter what. After he stolen it, he would study about it to see why is it a treasure, depend on the situation, he would return it the next day silently or keep it with the rest of his stolen prizes. 

Ian have a good six sense of knowing where there would be troubles coming so he could stay out of troubles, and easily can spot people (especially Nat and his stalking). He is a member of track and field team, it helps him training to run faster, especially out of troubles. He still have a thief as a hobby, but only if someone trigger him or someone hire him to do so (to help his mother get some cash to pay the bills).

Ian is mostly quite so he don’t attract attention, and can be quite  very clumsy when he is not in thief mood. He also have the patience when it come to plan out his thievery since he want it to be perfect, or else he would be irritating very easily if failed. Sometimes he is too patience that he would wait for something or to get something from in the morning to night if he needed to. 

Overall, Ian is a caring person. He would help out if it’s for the better good or if people were not in a happy mood/sad. Showing affection by glomp instead of a normal hug because hugging give him bad memory.

That’s all I got on him for now ; v ; I hope you all like him and give him a home! Will drawing him more often ~ Thank you everyone for reading! <3  

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